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A sheet cake is a cake that is a single layer. However, Shelly’s Cakes also offers layer cakes that serve the same number of people. Both sheet cakes and layer cakes may be filled. Shelly at Shelly’s Cakes can decorate your sheet cake in the design of your choosing. All cakes are made to order, so they will be exactly how you want them. Since all of Shelly’s cakes are made from “scratch”, they taste as good as they look! Bring your decorating ideas to Shelly, select a cake photo that is something like you desire, or give Shelly some ideas that suit the special person you are creating the cake for and let her take over!

Sizes Servings Price
6” mini personal size   $10 single/$18 layer
9”x13” sheet or 9” layer cake 16 $40 and up
12”x12” sheet 24 $45 and up
11”x15” sheet 30 $50 and up
16”x16” sheet 48 $60 and up
15”x22” sheet 60 $80 and up
12”x12”/16”x16” 72 $85 and up
16″x16″ layer cake 96 $100 and up
Cupcakes start at $20/dozen (min. 2 doz.)


Shelly’s Sheet Cakes

Shelly’s Cakes offers a variety of delicious and unique cake flavors! Read through our list of flavors to find the one that will be perfect for your special occasion! Some favorites are Moca Fudge with Raspberry White Chocolate Mousse filling, Red Velvet with creamy Velvet icing, and Butter Yellow with Citrus Cream filling.  Now also offering some Gluten Free and Diabetic options! TRY SOMETHING DIFFERENT!


Sheet Cake Flavors
Wedding White Old Fashioned Chocolate
Mint Chocolate Chip Almond Poppyseed
Butter Yellow Chocolate White Delight
Cookies ‘n Cream Berry Basket
Banana Nut Mocha Fudge
Fresh Lemonade German Chocolate
Key Lime Fall Pumpkin
Rootbeer Float Peanut Butter Cup
Cocoa Mint Carrot Pineapple
Red Velvet Rainbow Sherbert


Filling Flavors (extra charge)
Vanilla Cream Chocolate Mousse
Citrus Cream Creamy Peanut Butter
Lemon Custard Strawberry Cheesecake
Raspberry White Chocolate Mousse