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IMG_1892  This two-year-old loves trains, so a colorful train was in order!

IMG_1905  Superman, Batman, and Traditional Wedding combine for an interesting and fun cake fit for the Super Hero Couple!  The inside was fun as well….White Andes Mint, Red Velvet, and Almond Party Confetti!

3-d basketball  Pick your team colors, and this cake becomes a fun themed cake to serve 30 people.  The basketball is covered in fondant, but the rest is done in my regular delicious icing.  What a lucky 2-year-old!!

cupcakes  Yummy for any occasion!!  Put your colorful cupcakes onto a fancy tray or pedestal, and you are set!

Star Trek  This cake was actually a wedding cake for a fun couple! That’s the way to make your cake fit your personalities!  It was iced in my regular icing, and details done with fondant.

Hat Cake  What a fun hat design for your next “Hats Birthday Party”!  All of the party decorations were done in black, red, white, and rhinestones!

Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink

img_0572  The color plum is very popular this year, and the ribbon is a nice contrast on this square tiered cake with ivory base.  Accent on the cake was fresh flowers in deep, bold colors.  The reception was at Rock Creek outside of Red Lodge, and it was fun to see the wedding party having their pictures taken in the beautiful scenery.

img_0573  The contrast between the bright pink, black and white on this square tiered cake is stunning.  The room at Chanceys, just East of Billings, was decorated in the same colors, and of course, the bride was beautiful.

img_0615 This wedding cake could be called rustic elegance.  The simplicity, along with the gum paste cherry blossoms, made it a beautiful tiered cake.  The Montana mountain location couldn’t have been better, and the party would be one to remember.  The flavor choices were Mocha Fudge, Red Velvet, and Fresh Lemonade with the Raspberry White Chocolate Mousse filling……yummm.

cimg1281cimg1291  The two Montana Colleges, Montana State University and University of Montana, have a long-standing rivalry.  But I am glad to take care of fans of either team with a design to represent the school they are cheering for!  Whether “Go Cats” or “Go Grizz”, a delicious cake and creamy icing make the special day Sweet!

cimg1304 40 YEARS TOGETHER IN MARRIAGE!   That is a great reason to celebrate!  This cake was traditional wedding white cake, with tart lemon filling.  The colors are yellow and avocado green, which were their wedding colors.  The separate scrolled stands made the elegant design look a little more casual for the open house.

cimg1244  This classy 30th birthday cake is pink champagne flavor, and designed to compliment the party invitations.  I hope the birthday girl loved it!

cimg1257  You just found out if your baby will be a boy or girl.  Want a fun way to announce your special news?  Celebrate with a cake tinted pink or blue, so when it is cut, the secret is out!

cimg1252  So, you’re not a big fan of cake (crazy!)?  Cookies can also be an option for your wedding day!  Choose from Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter, or Flaky Sugar Cookies stacked on the special stand.  Decorate between the cookie stacks with flowers, ribbon, wheat, or whatever ties in with the wedding theme!  A 6″ layer cake can be added on the top tier for cutting.  It’s a fun alternative for all of you cookie lovers!

cimg1201  The variety of shapes makes this lime green accented wedding cake special.  The flowers used were silk, but they looked just like the real thing!  A relative of the couple also made a Star Wars cake, which held special meaning for the groom.